Gleneagle High Yield
Fixed Income Trust

Monthly Income & Monthly Redemptions

5.85% P.a. Fixed Income

Performance Since Inception (Since Oct 2019)Target Return
0.83%5.85% P.a.

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Gleneagle Capital Is An Independently Owned Investment Manager, Specializing In High Yield Income.

Gleneagle Capital Management (GCM) is a trading name of Gleneagle Asset Management Limited and operates as an investment manager, offering investors secure and structured investment opportunities, focusing on capital preservation as well as income & growth.

Working in small, experienced and dedicated teams GCM is dedicated to building long term client relationships and building an in-depth understanding of their needs. Utilising the knowledge and resources from its dedicated team of professionals & strategic advisers, GCM is positioned to offer clients access to unique and attractive investment opportunities.

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